Your life saver

Life Insurance goes a long way to help you and your family when the unthinkable happens.

Life Insurance

Have you ever stopped to wonder how your family would cope if you weren’t around? Who would pay the bills? Who would pay the mortgage? Would your spouse have to move? What about your children? Would they have to go to a different school?  These uncertainties can be addressed by having a life insurance policy in place.

A life insurance policy (also known as a death only policy) helps protects your family’s way of life should you die or become terminally ill.

A life insurance policy can also be structured to include a total and permanent disablement component (TPD), providing a lump sum amount should you be incapacitated and are unable to return to work.

Money can’t replace you, but a life insurance policy can help your loved ones’ cope should the unexpected occur.

Benefits of having life insurance through your employer

A group policy can also have the following benefits for you:

  • Remove the need for medicals and underwriting to obtain cover.
  • Provide additional benefits not usually available on individual policies
  • Provide cover that would cost less than if you were to obtain it on your own.

How can I access these benefits?

We work with your employer to help bring this cover to you. As a broker, we can help design, negotiate and introduce benefits like Life Insurance into your company employee benefits programs or enterprise agreement.

To find out if you’re covered talk to your employer or union delegate today.

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