For most, taking out a home loan is a difficult undertaking. Given the price of real estate in Australia, you need significant capital to gather together a deposit. In fact, one survey from BankWest suggested that the average time taken to save for 20 per cent of a first home was in excess of four years. Of course, working in industries such as mining and manufacturing, where income tends to be well above average, this time period can be significantly smaller.

Once you achieve this goal, you have other things to wrap your head around - like interest rates.... Read More »

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For most of us, our work provides our financial security. But what happens when you can't work? Whether it's from an injury or ongoing illness, there is always the chance that circumstances arise that prevent you from being able to work.

And when that happens, your financial security can come under threat. But with the right financial planning and insurance put in place, you are actually able to protect yourself from ever coming up short when you're unable to work. This is called income protection... Read More »

There is so much conflicting information in the media about the property market. In fact, a lot of the time it becomes fairly difficult to work out if it's actually a good time to buy property and take on debt. Between talk of the property boom in some capital cities slowing down and signs of certain regional areas ailing in the aftermath of the mining boom, it's difficult to predict where property is heading even if you do pay attention to the real estate market. But fortunately, determining when it's the right... Read More »

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